28 January 2017

You’ve Been Served! Read Ten Savage Quotes Uttered By Some Of The Greatest Minds In History


A plethora of great minds have graced this planet of ours, each bringing with them tremendous impact on the human race.

All impact is not equal, of course, and while some of these individuals changed the course of human history entirely, others contributed to moving the species interminably forward.

What they all left behind were memorable quotes, beautiful and often times hard hitting phrases which sharply illustrates a certain truth and is able to cut through prejudice and bias to open one’s eyes.

Our list contains a mixture of scientists, political leaders and comedians (yes, comedians) – from Dr Martin Luther King to Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine to Richard Dawkins – here are ten savage quotes from some of the greatest minds to ever walk this planet. Be prepared to learn a thing or two.

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