27 January 2017

Young girl who fell seriously ill after being fed only corn puffs for five years makes miraculous recovery

The youngster weighed just 5kg when she was rushed to hospital after she was found unable to talk or hold her head upright


Florentina Balanescu looks much healthier as she celebrates her seventh birthday (Photo: CEN)

A young girl who fell seriously ill after she was fed on only puffed corn snacks until the age of five has made an incredible recovery.

Florentina Balanescu weighed just 5kg when she was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after being brought up on the Wotsit-like treats from birth.

She was found lying in her bed by social workers who instantly had her transferred by ambulance to hospital.


Florentina Balanescu was treated at the hospital after she was found lying on her bed massively malnourished (Photo: EuroPics [CEN])

She couldn’t talk, and was unable to hold her head upright and was suffering from serious neurological and motor problems

Horrified doctors found she was severely malnourished – weighing the same as a 3-month-old baby – and immediately sent her to Santa Maria Children’s Hospital in the city of Iasi in eastern Romania.

There medics gave her a life-saving drip and put her on a special diet, and worked round-the-clock to try and help the youngster put on weight


wo years ago, Florentina didn’t have enough strength to talk or hold her head up (Photo: EuroPics [CEN])

But pictures from her seventh birthday party at the clinic show a completely different child and she is now being adopted by one of the nurses at the clinic, according to local reports.

Florentina’s parents, Mihai Balanescu, 39, and his wife Camelia, 36, had fed their daughter with cheap corn puffs and water ever since she was born.

Known locally as Pufuleti, they are the Romanian equivalent to Wotsits.


Florentina Balanescu was treated at the hospital after she was found lying on her bed massively malnourished (Photo: EuroPics[CEN])

Social workers said that the girl’s father who lives in the village of Solesti in eastern Romania’s Vaslui County, claimed that with five other children aged between 4 and 11-years-old to feed, him and his wife had no other choice than to feed the girl Pufuleti.

The little girl – whose mother died last year – will now reportedly be adopted by nurse Oana Cobilita, 34, after Florentina’s father gave his consent for her to be adopted.

Pediatrician Eliza Tighici from the nearby Vaslui County Hospital where the girl was first sent said that everyone had been shocked by the appalling condition of the child.


Mihai Balanescu, the girl’s father (Photo: EuroPics[CEN])

She said: “What we had before us was a child that was five-years-old which weighed no more than a three-month-old baby.”

Dr Tighici said: “Her condition was so critical, we realised we didn’t have the facilities to care for her properly and she was sent immediately to the specialist Children’s Hospital in Iasi.”

After her incredible recovery, Santa Maria Children’s Hospital clinic head Dr Marin Burlea posted a few pictures on his social media account, along with the message: “Happy birthday, my dear child!


Florentina was adopted after her mother Camelia Balanescu, pictured, died last year (Photo: EuroPics [CEN])

“You know you are a lucky child and I hope that this luck will stay with you for your entire life.

“I wish you happy times in your life, just the way you create happy moments for those around you.”


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