06 August 2017

You can now buy spicy pickle-flavoured condoms… but people aren’t too keen on the red-hot idea

CUSTOMERS have found themselves in a bit of a pickle thanks to a new flavour of condom which promises to bring plenty of heat to the bedroom.

Manforce condoms, an Indian company known for their offbeat tastes in contraceptives, have come up with their most unappetising flavour yet: spicy pickle condoms.

The latest addition to the novelty condom market is a rubber flavoured like a spicy pickle dish
Facebook / Manforce Condoms

The new range of rubbers is flavoured to taste like achaar, a South Asian dish involving pickled vegetables in a spicy oil.

However, while hot pickles are a popular dinner choice in India, the idea of a condom flavoured like the spicy vegetable may prove to be a bit of a hard sell.

The combination of the tangy, pickle taste and the guaranteed spiciness of the condom has put some potential customers off the idea.

Taking to twitter, some jokers have shared their expectations of what the controversial condom would be like.

One joked alongside a gif of a woman chugging water: “After using achaari condom.”

And another uploaded a photo of a woman with stinging eyes, captioned: “When he uses the Achaari flavored condom without telling you.”

Manforce, India’s largest selling condom brand, already offers flavours including jasmine, bubble gum, coffee, butterscotch and hazelnut.

It’s not year clear whether the gimmicky new product will be a hit among Indian punters, but the BBC reports that the new flavour is not expected to be a best-seller.

The product is being sold by an Indian contraceptive company called Manforce
Facebook / Manforce Condoms

Indian columnist Rajyasree Sen said: “The million dollar question is, what pickle are they talking about?

“Lime? Chilli? How do they know the flavour they are using will appeal to every Indian? Have they really thought this through?”

“I only hope there is no vinegar in it, because then that would cause a lot of problems.”

Flavoured condoms are typically styled after sweeter-tasting foods than spiced pickles
Getty – Contributor

This isn’t the only bedroom product to receive a bit of a mixed reaction.

Last week, we told how health experts had hit back at a company which offered adhesive stickers for men hoping to seal their penises shut before having sex.

The all-new sex trend comes after we told how some women had taken to putting glitter in their vaginas, against the advice of health experts.

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