26 February 2017

Yilo Krobo communities appeal for school infrastructure


This dilapidated school structure serves about four communities in Yilo Krobo

Four communities in the Yilo Krobo District in the Eastern Region have appealed to the government, philanthropists and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to help build school infrastructure in their respective areas.

The deprived communities are Awuzamlem, Asinesi, Mromu and Loweh, which are all located in the North Eastern part of Somanya, the Yilo Krobo district capital.

The only facility serving as a school for the four communities is a shed which improvises for three classrooms, without furniture.


In an interview with the Daily Graphic, a teacher in the school, Mr Bright Sena Yevu, who is a Youth Employment Authority (YEA) staff, said the generosity and friendliness exhibited by residents were the motivation for his continued stay in the school.

“For all the time that I have been here, since October 2016, I am yet to receive my monthly salary,” he said.

Mr Yevu said he trekked a 9.6-kilometre journey to school and back daily.

According to him, two other colleagues posted to the school had stopped coming due to the harsh conditions.

He further claimed that since the school had no teaching and learning materials, he had resorted to using his own textbooks to teach, in addition to a science textbook he received from the Somanya Education office.


Mr Bright Yeru teaching a class


Mr Yevu, therefore, appealed to individuals and groups to help construct and equip the school with teaching and learning materials to help enhance performance of the pupils.

The Odikro of Awuzamlem, one of the communities making the appeal, Mr Evans Narh, said because of the poor educational infrastructure in the area, residents preferred to send their children to stay and school in Somanya, where there were better facilities.

“Many school-aged children at Asinesi, Mromu and Loweh spend their weekdays in Somanya and return during the weekend because of the poor school infrastructure and facilities here,” he added.


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