05 July 2017

YEA staff secure injunction on their dismissal

About 500 staff of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) have secured a Court order restraining management of the agency from sending them home.

The interim injunction also restrains the YEA from reducing the ranks of others as well as transferring them.

The High Court granted the order contained in an ex parte motion filed on the behalf of the staff by A-Partners@Law.

Some staff of the YEA have been battling the new management over the security of their job.

The YEA has insisted many unqualified persons were enrolled onto the agency as employees and service providers.

The agency recently reported that it removed many ghosts from the agency’s payroll and made savings of millions of cedis.

The new managers also said they were trying to realign the employees of the organisation.

Some employees were asked to proceed on leave because their contracts had allegedly ended.

Unhappy with the treatment, they sought an interlocutory injunction restraining the agency from enforcing letters issued to them, asking them to proceed on leave and transferring some to far places.

The Labour and Industrial Division of the High Court said, “this order shall remain in force for a period of only 10 days after which the application may be repeated on notice to the other side.” 

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