19 June 2017

World’s sexiest sword swallower squeezes a massive 20-inch blade down her throat during her bizarre TOPLESS shows


THE world’s sexiest sword swallower slides 20-inch blades down her throat while performing TOPLESS.

The Russian woman who uses the stage name Jewels is reportedly one of only three female blade gobblers worldwide.


Jewels performs topless while sliding a sword down her throat[/caption]


The female sword swallower can slide a 20-inch blade down her throat[/caption]

Jewels, who lives in the German capital Berlin and does not want to reveal her real name, can effortlessly squeeze long deadly swords down her neck.

While eating a piece of cake, Jewels explains that on performance days she cannot eat as her throat needs to remain completely clean in order to swallow a sword.

She said: “When I have to work, cake is absolutely forbidden.”

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The brave beauty was born in St. Petersburg, but moved with her parents to Sweden when she was 11-years-old.

She added: “Even as a child I was fascinated by performing on stage.

“I did not know it. It was only clear to me that what I would show on stage had to be unique and special.”

She decided to become a sword swallower because it was an industry completely dominated by men.

When Jewels started to learn the trade there were no female performers and even today the amount can be counted on one hand according to the Sword Swallowers Association.


Jewel has been described as the world’s sexiest sword swallower[/caption]

Jewels began to research the subject intensively and also learned about the human anatomy.

She said: “Without the knowledge, one does not get far in this field.

“If you want to risk your life on the stage, you have to understand how your own body works.”

According to a study in the British Medical Journal, sword swallowing is dangerous as the blade can puncture the oesophagus, stomach or even the heart, lungs and other organs.

Since 1880, a total of 29 people have died from swallowing injuries.



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