02 July 2017

World’s First Waterpark Meant For People With Disabilities Opens In Austin, Texas


The world’s first disability friendly waterpark has been opened in San Antonio, Texas, in Donald Trump’s United States of America (USA).

The Morgan’s Inspiration Island houses a waterpark which bucks the norm of amusement parks difficult to access by persons with disabilities.

According to BoredPanda, the park was designed with the needs of the disabled specifically in mind, to help them have fun at a venue which uniquely caters to their needs.

“Our goal is to provide a great guest experience in an inclusive, safe, comfortable, not-overly-crowded environment,” Park founder Gordon Hartman said.

According to the site, Hartman worked with “doctors, parents, teachers, special needs therapists, and caregivers in order to create an extension to Morgan’s Wonderland that caters to people with all varieties of disability.”

“The venue offers traceable bracelets that allow parents to locate their children, and it also provides PneuChairs, air-powered, waterproof wheelchairs that families can rent for free.” BoredPanda reports.

“Every part of the park is wheelchair-accessible and children with “special needs” can enter the park for free. The park even has the ability to quickly change the heat of the water in order to accommodate guests who are sensitive to the cold!”

“Morgan’s Inspiration Island promises to give individuals with physical or cognitive special needs a place where they can splash and play without barriers,” Gordon said.

“[It] is not a special-needs park; it’s a park of inclusion.”


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