21 January 2017

Women’s March LIVE: Updates from protests against Donald Trump in London, Washington and around the world

Demonstrations will also take place in the UK in Belfast, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester, and Edinburgh

Women from across the world will march against Donald Trump today as they take to the streets to protest the new president.

In London, thousands of people have descended on Grosvenor Square to march up to Trafalgar Square and stand against Trump.

Protesters from across the country have headed to the capital, including actress Emma Thompson.

Demonstrations are also taking place in Belfast, Cardiff, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Shipley and Edinburgh.

And in Washington D.C, 20,000 people are expected to turn out to stand up for gender equality, healthcare for women and other issues thought to be threatened under Trump’s presidency.

Women will also be marching against the sexist comments and harassment claims against Trump.

His campaign was marked by a number of sexist comments he made about women and the release of an unforgettable video where he spoke about grabbing women ‘by the p***y’.

Families turn out for the march

A young family is out to stand with protesters today.

Laura Connor spoke to the Shrylers, who said they are raising their three young boys as feminists.

They held a placard that read: “Raising feminists since 2012”.


(Photo: Twitter/ Laura Connor)

Comedy writer calls Barron Trump “this country’s first homeschool shooter”

Calls have been made for an American comedy writer to be fired after she tweeted saying Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son would become “this country’s first homeschool shooter”.
Katie Rich, who works on long-running hit show Saturday Night Live posted the message during the President’s inauguration, reports Christopher Bucktin.
The 33-year-old, who is employed by US broadcaster NBC, wrote: “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”


Incoming U.S. first lady Melania Trump and son Barron (Photo: REUTERS)

Pro-women’s rights campaigner Margaretta Darcy speaks to Mirror reporter


(Photo: Twitter/Laura Connor)

Sunday Mirror and People’s Rosie Hopegood is also at the march.

She spoke to veteran Irish activist Margaretta Darcy, who said women must “make a stand” against Trump.

Pro-abortion activists are also at the march, with women from Irish campaign group Repeal The 8th out in force.


(Photo: PA)

Trump pinata

(Photo: Twitter/Laura Connor)

Hero of the day award might have to go to the individual who brought along this Trump pinata to the march.

The paper doll, complete with bizarre quiff and red tie, was seen swinging from a building near to the rally.

So far it’s remained intact, but only time will tell if that’s the case by the end of the day.

Hope says NO


(Photo: Twitter/ Laura Connor)

Laura Connor spoke to young Hope, who is marching against Donald Trump today in London.

She was wearing a top emblazoned with “This is what a feminist looks like”.

Hope was also carrying a sign she made which read: “DUMP TRUMP”

Lady Liberty, climate change and pro-abortion protests


(Photo: PA)

Some colourful characters, such as this woman dressed as the Statue of Liberty, joined the march today.

But the rally wasn’t just against Trump’s sexist comments and alleged sexual misconduct.

Others were protesting his stance on climate change.


(Photo: Rex Features)

Trump’s camp have famously claimed global warming isn’t a “big deal”.

And yesterday, he even announced plans to scrap the budget – and use the money instead to build MORE roads.

Others were marching against Republican stances against abortion, campaigning for funds to be allocated to Planned Parenthood clinics.


A tweet posted from the BBC Northampton Twitter account suggested Donald Trump was injured after being shot a day after his inauguration.

The now-deleted message suggested the president had been injured, as the BBC claimed it had logged “suspicious activity” on the account.

It read: “Breaking News: President Trump is injured in arm by gunfire #Inauguration”

The account claims it was hacked as it confirmed it is investigating the incident.

It tweeted: “Apologies to anyone who saw an unusual Tweet from our account this morning. We do appear to have been hacked and we are looking into how. MR”

Hope NOT Grope


Daily Mirror


Mirror reporter Laura Connor is at the march in London.

She has brought placards to spread the Mirror message of “Hope Not Grope” as we tell the crowds “Love TRUMPS Hate”.

Here, women and men at the rally hold the signs to support the protest happening across the globe.

Pilar from Spain, holding one of the placards, says she feels like she’s “living in a nightmare world”.



(Photo: FameFlynet)
A throng of people across all ages and genders descended on Grosvenor Square holding a rainbow of placards with slogans such as “dump Trump”, “reject hate, reclaim politics” and “no to racism, no to Trump”.

Mr Trump’s presidential campaign was plunged into crisis after a 2005 tape recording came to light of him bragging to TV host Billy Bush about groping women and that he can “grab them by the p***y” because of his celebrity status.

Holding a sign saying “my p***y is not up for grabs”, Kim McInally said she had travelled from Brighton for the demonstration.

The 32-year-old said: “Yesterday was seen as the official start of fascism coming back.”

#NastyWomen marching in Rome


(Photo: AFP)

People-shout-and-hold-signs-during-a-ral (1)

(Photo: AFP)

Groups of protesters have gathered in Rome to march against Trump.

They were seen rallying with placards in the Italian city this afternoon.

The organisers said the march intends to “send a bold message” to Trump and show “that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our societies.”

Mini protester joins the march


(Photo: Getty )

This mini protester is also out to march against Donald Trump’s anti-female policies.

The adorable toddler joined the crowd in London for the historical rally against the President of the USA.

They held a sign that read: “Toddlers against Trump”

Placards across the city of London

Here are some more signs being shown in the march today.

The main theme is, of course, Trump. But some Brexit placards and anti-racism banners are also present today.

They’re being paraded by women, men and even kids near to Grosvenor Square.


(Photo: Getty Images Europe

Donald-Trump-protests (2)

(Photo: PA)

Donald-Trump-protests (3)

(Photo: PA)

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