29 September 2016

Women groups not satisfied with parties manifestos so far

women-groupPolitical parties may have presented their manifestoes in a bid to convince the electorate to vote for them in Election 2016 but some women groups are not satisfied.

According to them, their issues have not received enough attention. ABANTU for Development is seeking to highlight with its scorecard.

The scorecard is to serve as a tracking tool to evaluate political party practices for accountability and gender responsiveness.

Director of ABANTU for Development, Dr Rose Mensah-Kutin, says as women’s groups and organisations are the ones who would always provide the relevant information for policy makers and political parties to learn something that would promote the democratic agenda.

“Because when we talk about democracy we are talking about the participation of men and women in making better the lives of the citizens of the country as well as enhancing the voices of both men and women on an equal basis,” she said.

She said they felt that political parties are very important because they form what the next government would be thus it is important to know what their interests so as to move the agenda of women forward.

“What we have done now is to capture in a very simple way the kinds of things the various parties have done for women,” she said adding they want to add to the knowledge out there on the things that have to be done to advance democracy in Ghana.

Some women political activists JOYNEWS spoke to put forward their case for a stronger attention to gender issues in the country’s politics and governance.

One participant said they found it very necessary to look at all the political parties to see if they have lived by the promises they have made to women and all of them have fallen short.

“This year we have made all the political parties aware that they have all failed in their bid to pursue the interest of women they promised, so it would have a telling on the next government,” the participant told Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah Wednesday.

She said they are tracking all the parties over the coming years especially from 2017 to access the parties that would win the December elections and form the next government.

“Now our women up on their feet and they are making demands so let us go by that otherwise they [political parties] would come back to us again to see how we scored them…if they fail we would make them aware,” she said.


Source: Myjoyonline

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