30 August 2017

Woman wants to change her 10-month-old daughter’s name because her own mum hates it… but what would you do?

A MUM has caused an online storm after revealing she is considering changing her 10-month-old daughter’s name to please her mother.

The Mumsnet user divided opinion with a post earlier this week, where she told how many people don’t “get” her daughter’s name, including her own mum.

A mum divided opinion when she revealed she had been considering changing her daughter’s name
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The mum told how her own mother had made cruel comments about the baby’s name

Having heard that, you may be expecting the baby’s name to be completely off-the-wall, but it’s actually far from it.

The mum wrote: “DD [dear daughter] was born on Halloween (2016) and I named her Autumn. I really like the look of it and the sound of it in my head.

“Since using it as a name, it doesn’t seem to work as well as it did in my head? Lots of people don’t get it.

“My mum actually makes jokes about it – ‘I can’t wait to see my grandaughter who hasn’t got a proper name’ or she directly speaks to her and says ‘you might as well have been named ‘Season”.”

The post seriously divided the good people of Mumsnet, with some claiming it’s a wise idea to change the name and others saying there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

One response to the original post read: “Yes change it. At this point she’s too young to know any different.”

Some users urged her to change the name, while others told her she should keep it

And another user took the mother’s side in the debate, saying: “I’m not keen on this as a first name, and imagine if she ends up marrying someone with the last name Winter.”

However, not everyone agreed with this controversial response – in fact, most users piled in to slam the critics and defend the name Autumn.

The post ended up completely dividing mums on the popular message board

One said: “I can guarantee that no one else feels as strongly about your daughter’s name as your mum. I like Autumn.

“If you change her name because of this what will you do? Just let your mum pick it…?”

The original poster said she still likes the name, but struggles to deal with other people’s criticism of it

Another added: “Autumn is a perfectly valid, and lovely, name. Do you like it…? Because she’s your daughter, not your mum’s!”

The original poster replied, saying: “Yeah, I do really like it. I just feel like the more and more I say it, the more I’m finding it hard to realise it’s a name.”

In the end, most users ended up defending the original poster, urging her to stick with the “pretty” name.

One added: “Autumn is a beautiful name. Don’t change her name, change your mum instead!”

The woman was eventually given some wise advice about what her priorities should be

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