23 September 2016

Woman runs to radio station after abortion pills failed to work

hqdefaultA 27-year-old widow risks losing her life after attempting to abort a two month old pregnancy.

Three weeks after Esther Owusu took one of five pills allegedly given to her by her boyfriend for termination of the pregnancy, she was hospitalized for severe abdominal pain.

After a failed attempt to locate the policeman lover, she desperately abandoned her hospital bed and rushed, with infusion kits, to the studio of Kumasi-based Nhyira FM.

She had lied to medical staff in the hospital that she was going for money to pay her bills.

Esther, the mother of one lost her husband three years ago and came into contact and started a relationship with the policeman identified only as Osei, who showed interest in catering for her child.

She noted that, she became pregnant and informed Osei who insisted she abort it.

After initial resistance, she finally gave in, followed him to a pharmacy shop at Dome Pillar Two in Accra to purchase a drug for the intended abortion.

She told Nhyira FM, the pharmacist poisoned her mind and told her that, policemen are womanizers and bad people, so she got scared with that idea and took the drug.

Shortly after she took one of the five pills, Esther Owusu said serious complications started to set in, causing damage to her womb, as she learnt later from doctors.

She said she refused to take the rest of the drug following a warning from her pastor.

When Nhyira FM managed to reach Osei, he admitted taking Esther to the pharmacy but denied suggesting the abortion to her.


Source: adomonline.com

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