Viktoria says that she doesn’t just charge for a warm, comfortable bed, but also the positive energy that she transmits to the client, and that also becomes embedded in their bed. She adds that after having a short conversation with people, she is able to give them a more positive outlook on life.

She has no idea what she does exactly, but there’s definitely something special about her. Ivachyova mentions that one of her 10 clients was in a “semi-depression” when she arrived at his home, but in the morning he called her back to say “Vika, you’re magic. Today I woke up, and I want to live. “

Viktoria admits that her primary target market is “single men”, but adds that she wants to help everybody, so if women start asking for her services too, she is willing to warm their beds as well.

And in case you’re wondering how on Earth this 21-year-old Muscovite came up with the idea for such a bizarre service, Viktoria Ivachyova told Big Picture that she read about it in a book by Russian author Anatoly Mariengof.

In it, a poet called Sergei Yesenin, paid a female typist to come to his home every morning and lay naked in her bed, under the blankets, for 15 minutes, warming his bed.

The whole ritual apparently helped him regain his writing inspiration, and also inspired Ivachyova. After searching online for a similar service, she claims she didn’t find anything like it in the world, so she decided to be the world’s first professional bed warmer. She quickly set up a website, and the rest is history.

However, Big Picture Magazine claims that a London hotel provides a similar service for its guests. Before bed time, a person wearing a thermal suit crawls into the guest’s bed and warms it for 10 minutes. But they definitely don’t charge over $80 for it.