13 October 2016

Woman Famed for Having the Biggest Bum in Africa Finally Unveils

nic2 Nice Eudoxie Yao who was tentatively voted as the woman with the biggest bum in Africa by social media users has finally bowed to the inquisitiveness of her fans by unveiling her entire assets in a bikini outfit.

Since Tori news profiled Nice Eudoxie Yao, an Ivorien socialite famed for her monstrous physical endowments, Nigerians have questioned the originality of her bum and breasts.
Her pictures have also flooded several blog sites leading to massive followership on Instagram.
This has also attracted controversies about the originality of her natural assets especially in the 21st century world where silicon elements are being injected into ladies to grow their body parts.
Nice Eudoxie Yao, a very daring lady has bravely and ‘heartlessly’ exposed her body in a revealing pink bikini outfit that also revealed the eye-catching waist chain she rocks.
Nice Eudoxie Yao has continued to grow in fame across Africa and has also garnered more fans across national boundaries.
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