16 January 2017

Wisa chooses money and hit songs over awards


When Wisa Greid made that statement that he prefers to sing profane songs because it`s more lucrative last week with Mz Gee from Multi Media, little did we know that he wants to do it to the detriment of winning awards.

In a similar interview on Okay 101.7fm on Total Showbiz to confirm that statement, the Ekiki me hit maker has added that he does not sing for awards but he thinks about how to make hit songs and to make money for survival. He went ahead to question how much money the organizers of the awards put on the categories adding that the money is not enough to leave what will make you sell hit songs instead of those empty awards.

“As a musician, what I believe in is to make songs that the fans will enjoy instead of thinking about awards which will not give me anything. I don’t need awards to survive but I need hits to make some money in the music industry. What do I need awards for” he questioned

Wisa denied allegations that what happened during the December to Remember show was facilitated by the fact that he has profane words in his songs so he wanted to act them which caused him that trouble. “I did not do that because of the song I was performing because I have some songs that do not even have profane words in them, so I know where to perform each song on a stage” he added. So with statements like these and many more coming from Wisa, who should we blame if it happens that the man does not win laurels or does not get nominations in the up coming VGMAs?

Source: flex newspaper

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