17 July 2017

Who is Paul Kaye? Game of Thrones actor who plays Thoros of Myr and star of Three Girls

ACTOR Paul Kaye was known for being a comedy act in the 90s, but returned to our screens for serious BBC drama Three Girls.

We take a look at who he is, and what he’s packed into his career over the last 20 years.

Paul Kaye is a British actor and comedian
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Who is Paul Kaye? What is his background?

Paul Kaye was born December 15, 1964 and is an English comedian and actor.

He is best known for playing Dennis Pennis, a shock celebrity interviewer.

More recently he has taken on serious roles, and has become an established actor.

Paul shot to fame as spoof interviewer Dennis Pennis
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How did Paul Kaye become famous?

Paul shot to fame in 1995 playing celebrity spoof interviewer Dennis Pennis.

With dyed red hair and thick glasses, Pennis stood out from the crowd and asked celebrities atypical questions, ranging from playful to cruel.

The basic premise was that Paul (as Pennis) and a camera crew would visit film premieres, press functions and other celebrity gatherings to attempt to get an “interview” with stars, in between short skits and sketches featuring the character.

The final video, Dennis Pennis RIP: Too Rude to Live, released in 1997, saw the character killed off.

The actor has also found fame in Game of Thrones

What TV show has Paul Kaye been in?

Following the “death” of Dennis Pennis, Paul launched himself as a serious actor.

In 2001 he starred alongside Michelle Collins in Two Thousand Acres of Sky.

He has also had appearances in Hustle, EastEnders and Kingdom.

Another notable role includes playing Thoros of Myr in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Recently he has been known for playing rude New Jersey lawyer Mike Strutter, with his own MTV show Strutter.

He recently starred in BBC drama Three Girls
Trailer for BBC's Three Girls – drama based on grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale

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