15 July 2017

Who is Gabrielle Allen? Love Island 2017 beauty, Marcel Somerville’s official girlfriend and fitness instructor

GABRIELLE Allen is currently the bookies’ favourite to win Love Island – with her official relationship with Marcel Somerville proving popular with fans.

Here’s everything else we know about the fiery lass from Liverpool…

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Fitness instructor Gabrielle Allen will be right at home in the exotic Love Island villa[/caption]

Who is Gabrielle Allen, how old is she and what does she do?

Gabrielle Allen is a professionally-trained dancer and health fanatic from Liverpool who works as a fitness instructor.

She loves travelling, and often disappears for months at a time, so she’ll be right at home in the exotic surroundings of the Love Island villa.

Gabrielle says she “always wants to go out and have fun and go partying” and that other people would describe her as “spontaneous and adventurous”.

The Scouse beauty doesn’t waste her time when it comes to dating, and reveals that if she doesn’t feel a spark “then it’s a bit cut throat”.

The 25-year-old also admits that she’s “a nightmare at times, probably – maybe a bit hard work.”

You could forgive her for being wary of men – her longest relationship of three years was an on-off romance with a serial cheater.

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Gabrielle is after a bloke who has ‘something between the ears’[/caption]

However, after taking some time to enjoy single life and have some fun, she’s quick to reassure prospective suitors: “Rest assured, I am very much back in the game!”

Gabrielle has also revealed that she suffered from scoliosis, which involves curvature or twisting of the spine.

She had to have a major operation on her back, which left an 18-inch scar, and then had to relearn how to walk.

But the patient was more determined because of her love of dancing, and won a ballet championship six months after her op.

Gabby and Marcel have hit it off

What is Gabrielle looking for in the Love Island villa?

For Gabrielle, the appeal of Love Island is simple – she’s looking for love!

In terms of a type, she says she’s usually after someone with the gift of the gab – and needs men to have “something between their ears”.

That’s not to say she doesn’t have something of a weakness for bulging biceps and washboard abs, though.

“I do see a lot of good bodies on men in my job and I like that, don’t get me wrong,” Gabrielle says.

“I just don’t need to hear about how many chicken breasts he has for breakfast.”

What is Love Island and when is it on?

Love Island sends a host of singletons looking for a good time over to a luxurious villa for a summer of passion.

Known for its hot and heavy sex scenes, the contestants are encouraged to pair up and convince the public they have found love.

In a twist at the end of the series, the winning couple are asked to either split the cash, or take the entire £50,000 pot home for themselves.

Talk about putting your love to the test!

Love Island airs nightly (apart from Saturdays) at 9pm on ITV2.

Marcel and Gabby get cosy on Love Island in the secret hideaway

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