31 July 2017

When is The Accused: An Inside Job? on Channel 5 tonight, who is Lukasz and what is the Polish banker accused of?

The Accused: An Inside Job? is a documentary following the trial of a man accused of stealing £26,000 from an elderly woman’s bank account.

Viewers get the chance to follow the defendant , Lukasz, in the months leading up to his trial but who is he and what was he accused of?

Lucasz – who is accused of stealing from an old lady
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When is The Accused: An Inside Job? on Channel 5 tonight?

The Accused: An Inside Job? airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

The documentary gives viewers a rare opportunity to follow defendant, Lukasz,  in the lead up to his trial.

It features police interviews and footage from the lawyers working on the case – including clips of them out on the road exploring evidence.

There is also the reaction from the defendant and his legal team after court.

Lukasz younger brother Kasper also appears in the show, revealing the emotional impact something like this has on a family.

The insight into the case offers viewers a unique chance to weigh up the evidence for themselves, as if they were in the jury.

Viewers get access to the ins and outs of the case
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Who is Lukasz and what is the Polish banker accused of?

Lukasz, 32, is a Polish born personal banker who was accused of taking £26,000 from a 78-year-old’s bank account, which he was looking after.

He was charged on two accounts – one of fraud by abuse of position and one of theft.

Lukasz, who has two finance related degrees, lost both his job and his home after he was accused and the police froze his bank account.

In an emotional scene before the trial, Lukasz said: “It makes me really, really worried about myself, about my family, about my future, about everything I’ve done till now. It’s just the end of my life at some points, I really thought ‘I’m not going to be able to go through this.”

What other episodes of The Accused has there been?

In February 2017, Channel 5 aired the first in the series which followed Kenzey – a woman who was charged in January 2016 with allowing physical harm to her seven-week old baby.

The baby was left brain damaged and severely disabled following the assault, which was committed by Kenzey’s boyfriend.

She was sentenced to three and half year in prison, while her boyfriend got 18 years.

Latest trailer for new Channel 5 documentary The Accused

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