07 July 2017

When does Ross Kemp: Extreme World start on Sky One, where is the former EastEnders star visiting and what’s the show about?

ROSS Kemp: Extreme World is back with a brand new series.

The tough guy of TV returns with his award winning show – here is what you need to know…

Ross Kemp: Extreme World is back on the box
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What is Ross Kemp: Extreme World about?

Ross Kemp: Extreme World has been broadcast on Sky 1 since 2011, and has earned Ross BAFTA and AIB Media Excellence Awards for his investigative work.

The series follows him around the world as he investigates situations like extreme poverty, drug addiction, and violence, trying to speak to ringleaders to get to the centre of an issue.

Ross admits that filming in such extreme situations can be really difficult.

He told Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard on This Morning that he wanted to KILL one of the vile men he met – a sex trafficker who admitted to killing 300 children.

Ross said: “Over the series it’s been really hard.

“The hardest was in India and it was trafficking young girls for sex and he admitted to killing 300 of them.

The new series will be the final one
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“My translator heard it first and she started to cry and then he started to cry.

“I got so angry because he was feeling sorry for himself. I nearly lost it.

“I terminated the interview and I said: ‘Get him out of my sight before I kill him.’”

Ross was also caught up in a race riot in the US shortly after Donald Trump was elected. He explained: “Trump had just won the election. It was an odd situation.

“I was with the white racist power organisation. I was called a Nazi and had bottles thrown at me. I was called a pig.

“When I started interviewing the anti-demonstrators I was called a journalist f**. Demonstrators on both sides were carrying assault rifles.”

This is Ross’s last series of Extreme World and promises to be just as explosive as those that have come before.

When is Ross Kemp: Extreme World on TV?

The new season starts on Sunday July 9, 2017 on Sky 1 at 9pm.

This will be the shows sixth series.

It’s reported that this will the final series of the show.

Ross is a well know face on British TV
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Who is Ross Kemp?

Ross Kemp was born on July 21, 1964 and is an English actor, author and BAFTA award-winning investigative journalist.

He rose to prominence in the role of Grant Mitchell in EastEnders.

Since 2004 Ross has received international recognition as an investigative journalist for his critically acclaimed and award-winning documentary series.

Ross Kemp reveals he was ‘ready to kill’ sex trafficker who murdered kids on Extreme World

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