09 August 2017

When a 9-to-5 office job won’t cut it (Paid Content by Samsonite)

“This may sound cheesy, but I take a lot of inspiration from Instagram. I follow a lot of chefs on Instagram, so when I’m stuck in traffic, I always check out to see what other chefs are making and figure out how I can do it differently.” As long as Bee has access to his Samsonite Openroad laptop backpack, he’s set. In it he keeps his laptop, keys, extra phone charger, menus, order sheets, and a handy pocket knife — just in case something fishy happens.

Bee and Noffs aren’t afraid to get a little sweaty, though; often tapping New York’s bike sharing program to get from Point A to B. 

“I don’t own a bike,” says Bee, “These things are like tanks. They’re very sturdy. There’s a bike rental stand right outside our apartment so they’re easy to grab and go.” That doesn’t mean, however, that Bee doesn’t want his own bike — something he makes clear by reminding his husband that his birthday is coming up. 

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