20 July 2017

What Ghana’s Fashion Industry Can Learn From Joseph Nyaaba’s Viral ‘Burning Idenity’ Picture

Surfing the net as usual with a lovely cup of tea, awaiting a taxi to head of to a meeting with a journalist from Switzerland, I stumbled across an image on my facebook timeline that will probably delay my meeting an extra 20 minutes or so.

The image was so powerful and it sends a chilling message to Ghanaians, even before reading the except attached to it. So it’s not my favourite styling, its not my favorite model, it’s not my favorite setting, but the composure of the images supersedes all my favorites.


The picture depicts a man in his batakari (smock top) reading a burning news paper with a stern face. I honestly can’t explain how many messages transpired from the image even prior to reading the except. A man traditionally cultured man who was fed up with the direction of his country? Displeased with the political status? Not satisfied with society? Or/and most importantly, watching his country and it’s culture burn whilst he stays true to it in distrust of the media? The image speaks volumes that hits home. But read below the caption by the photographer….

A honourable African, reads daily about fallen standards of morality & respect in the traditional African society; watching his identity burn out slowly…but surely. What a lost identity!

The world knows we are a continent with morals, rich culture and traditions. Lets not loose this identity. Lets make Africa shine again. Let’s make mama Africa proud.

Model: Tajudeen Ussoupha Gurma
Light assistant: Don Jay Nsoh
Location: Bawku Central

Love it, respect the culture. I, and I am sure, many mature adults and wise young ones look at society everyday in this manner.

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