04 August 2017

We’ve not taken any decision on mandatory tow levy – Transport Ministry

The Ministry of Transport has disclosed that government is yet to take a decision on  the commencement of the mandatory towing services.

The implementation of the policy is facing stiff opposition from some Civil society Organisations and a cross section of the populace.

Groups such as the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, the Progressive People’s Party, the Institute for Liberty & Policy Innovation, Chamber of Petroleum Consumer-Ghana (COPEG-Ghana) have all kicked against the implementation of the levy.

Eventhough the parliamentary Select Committee on Roads and Transport approved the controversial road tow levy to begin operating from September 1, 2017,  the Transport Ministry in a statement Friday said “no decision has been taken yet.”

The statement added: “The Ministry is engaged in consultations with various stakeholders including the parliamentary select committee on Roads and Transport whose recommendations have just been received by the Ministry. The views of all stakeholders will be considered for an informed decision to be made on the matter.”

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