06 July 2017

We salute Sajid Javid for challenging his party’s voters on the shortage of affordable housing and we should unite to tackle it

Let them build

IT takes a brave Tory Cabinet minister to challenge his party’s voters in the Home Counties. So we salute Sajid Javid.

He is absolutely right to insist affluent homeowners can no longer be allowed an effective veto on developments in their comfortable neighbourhoods.

Tory Cabinet minister, Savid Javid, has challenged his party’s voters over the affordable housing issue

Britain desperately needs a vast stock of new homes for our soaring population and to give young people at long last the chance of buying one.

The most acute demand is in sought-after areas within reach of London or other major cities.

The Communities Secretary intends to make councils increase housing targets. “Brownfield” sites, disused commercial or industrial land, should be the priority. But Green Belt cannot be untouchable.

There is already evidence that resistance to new development is softening nationwide. If so, great.

The shortage of affordable housing is one of Britain’s greatest problems. We should unite to tackle it.

Worst Brexit

WHEN Chancellor Philip Hammond questions the wisdom of leaving the EU customs union he is doubting Brexit itself. Forging our own trade deals is fundamental to it.

It would be the worst of all worlds to leave the single market, and regain ­control of our borders and laws, but stay shackled to the customs union.

It would put free trade with the EU at risk AND bar us from any alternative: new pacts with the giant and faster-growing economies of the wider world.

PA:Press Association

Chancellor Philip Hammond has questioned the wisdom of leaving the EU[/caption]

That would be insane with 27 nations reportedly wanting deals. These may take years to sign, but it would be madness to kill the possibility for all time.

Theresa May has been resolute on seeing Brexit through in the only real way.

As long as she is PM, she needs her Chancellor equally firm on it.

Terror Calls

WE’RE right behind new “jihadi” wings in our prisons — especially for creatures like Anjem Choudary.

We understand the worry that it could give terrorists or hate preachers ­celebrity status among Muslim inmates. But what is the alternative?

Choudary turned many into ex­tremists when he was free to spread his poison on (yes, you guessed it) YouTube.

Imagine what he could do with a ­literally captive audience at Frankland prison, were he not isolated.

Getty Images

Choudary turned many prison inmates into extremists when he was free to spread his poison[/caption]

One of Lee Rigby’s killers is also there after already trying to indoctrinate lags at Belmarsh.

We must stop jails being breeding grounds for suicide bombers.

Of course, a jihadists-only UK prison cell must look inviting for Sally “White Widow” Jones, the foul IS terrorist who is suddenly tearfully homesick now her death cult is under siege in Raqqa.

Let’s hope US-backed forces swiftly reunite her with her husband.

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