08 August 2017

We don’t care who wins Kenya elections – Gov’t

The government has debunked reports suggesting that it is interfering in the ongoing Kenyan elections.

According to government, it has no interest in the elections beyond the respect for democratic principles.

The disclaimer by the government comes on the heels of accusations from the ruling Kenyan government that the ruling NPP was meddling in the Kenyan polls.

Mac Manu was said to be leading a team of Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) International Observers to Kenya’s General Elections underway today August 8, 2017, but was deported from the East African nation because of the NPP’s alleged involvement in the polls.

Agents of Kenya’s ruling party alleged the NPP was supporting the opposition leader Raila Odinga to create a parallel election tally result platform, similar to what happened in their[NPP] case in Ghana’s polls, December 2016, hence the deportation of Mac Manu.

But the Government of Ghana in a release signed by it’s Information Minister, Mustapha Hamid said Mr. Peter Mac Manu’s trip to the East African country was not at the behest of government, indicating that this is not the first time he’s acted in that capacity.

“The Ghanaian constitution guarantees every citizen of Ghana the freedom to participate in political activity inside or outside of the country, within the laws of Ghana or wherever they find themselves. They do so in their own capacity as  free citizens of a free state, and not at the behest of the Government of Ghana.

“We wish to make it clear that Government of Ghana has no interest whatsoever in who emerges winner in Tuesday’s polls. The decision as to who leads Kenya as President for the next 5 years remains the sole preserve of the Kenyan people,” the statement read in part.



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