17 September 2016

WATCH: Woman strips naked and gives X-rated show to shocked passengers on bus

naked-544069The X-rated strip show was caught on camera by Christopher Fisher, who was on board a Baltimore MTA bus in the US on Friday (September 2).

As the clip begins, the shameless lass already has her underwear removed – leaving little to the imagination as she shows it all off in front of stunned passengers.

She leans on a railing – dressed only in a T-shirt, a pair of striped knee socks and neon-coloured trainers.

One man sits behind and – noticing him – the naked woman gives a brief but memorable dance.

The naked womanSHOCKING: The naked woman gave bus passengers an x-rated show

Fellow passengers laugh uncontrollably during the six-minute clip, as the woman walks up and down the aisle of the bus.When she later notices she is being filmed, she tells the cameraman: “Give me my mother****ing money.”

Another passenger asks her if she is high to which she replies: “Yes I am.”

The woman – who has not been identified – then takes off her white top, revealing just her bra.


Source: dailystar.co.uk

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