01 September 2016

WATCH: Man Flogs Adulterous Wife and Lover After Catching Them in The Act

With the rise of social media, videos of atrocities in India’s households are now coming into the limelight. One such video was shared recently by human rights activist Kundan Srivastava on his Facebook page. It was a video of a man cruelly beating his wife and another man — both tied up with rope — as neighbours stood watching.

A while back, another disturbing video of a woman beating her elderly mother in the balcony went viral, prompting the police to enquire, but they couldn’t take any action because the mother refused to give a statement against her daughter. Nevertheless, the video brought to the forefront the continuing physical assault in families even today — be it urban or rural.

In this more recent video that has surfaced on social media platforms, a man is seen ruthlessly beating his wife and another man — who seems to be her lover — with a stick. But what is shocking in this incident is that there is a section of the populace that is actually supporting the treatment meted out by the man. Srivastava shared the video on his FB page with the following message:

“The Video was sent to me by one of the followers. I don’t have any authentic information yet about the incident. But, after seeing the Video I do believe it can be a Love Affair.

A Man brutally beating his wife and her Lover in front of the entire Villagers. You can see in the video that both Man & Woman have been tied to the pole and are beaten severely. The woman’s voice shows that she may belong to Bihar, UP & Jharkhand

I condemn the incident and urge the people of India, if you have any authentic information ..Inbox me please! ?#

PS: I’m against the Violence, Physical Abuse and the Crime!”



Source: indianexpress.com

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