19 June 2016

Watch: I don’t want to become a poor musician – Nhyiraba Kojo

Due to the fear of going bankrupt in the near future, Ghanaian Hiplife musician and boss of Money Go Flow Music (MGFM), Nhyiraba Kojo, has resorted to making huge investments into several businesses.

Earlier last year, the Alqaeda hit maker took a bold decision to quit his music career and channeled all his attention to other new business ventures. This, he said, was to challenge himself as a musician and to clear the illusion that musicians can live on music alone.

Talking exclusively to Flex newspaper, Kojo said he is back into the music industry after securing his future with a variety of businesses, as well as putting everything in order.

“People keep asking why I’ve been missing in action for such a long time, so I’m back to disclose my reasons. I don’t want to become a poor musician one day. You would definitely go broke if you do music alone and you can’t even do music forever. Musicianship consists of ‘show and business.’ Invest the money you gain from music into others businesses,” Nhyiraba intimated.

He continued that coming up as a musician, he used to see certain top musicians as his mentors and wished to be like them in the near future. Today he sees most of them and asks himself ‘why.’ He admired their beginning, but he doesn’t like their ending, so he’s preparing himself for the future ahead, because he has a family to cater for.”

Nhyiraba KojoAccording to Nhyiraba Kojo, although he is currently combining music and business, his musical career has his major attention since his other businesses are already under productive managements. The MGF team, he revealed, is today flourishing with investments they made in a pub, NKCity night club, a music recording studio known as MGFM Studio, a tilapia farm running at Kpong and a banku and tilapia joint.

The Hiplife artiste has bounced back onto the music scene with a new hit banger titled Adiza. The single featured MoQid and was produced by Kaywa.

Adiza is a Highlife tune which talks about love for Nhyiraba Kojo’s mother who is called Adiza, his fans and all ladies in Ghana.

“I used my mother’s name for my latest single to show her love, big her up and make her feel special. Also, the MGFM is officially opened at 18 Junction on the Spintex Road and we need more talents, especially the up and coming acts. MGF team is ready to support them,” Nhyiraba Kojo concluded.

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