12 June 2016

Watch: Euro 2016: England supporter ‘fighting for….

An England football fan is fighting for his life in hospital after more violent clashes in Marseille, according to local media.

Further injuries and several arrests were reported on a third day of unrest in the Old Port area of the French Mediterranean city where England played Russia tonight in the first round of Euro 2016. For the third day running, police used tear gas.

Authorities say they intervened amid clashes between English, Russian and French supporters.
Hundreds were involved as horrific scenes unfolded. VIdeo images showed one man hitting another on the head with a wooden chair.

The England versus Russia match was identified as high risk when it comes to hooliganism.

Police designated separate routes to approach the Stade Velodrome to try to keep the two sets of fans apart but the fear is that the day’s violence may not yet be over.

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