23 September 2016

WATCH: Distribution van burns beyond recognition after crash

untitledTwo persons on a Sasso distribution van escaped death at Dzorwulu Junction in Accra on Thursday morning after the vehicle caught fire.

According to an eyewitness, Speaker Addo, the van caught fire after a fuel tanker going in the Lapaz direction crashed into it due to brake failure.

The tanker driver sped off after the van caught fire, the eyewitness said.

Drivers whose vehicles were close to the burning van tried to either turn around to avoid the blazing fire or abandoned their cars to save their lives while others looked on from afar.

Pedestrians could not also help but look on in fear while some hawkers gathered their items and run for their lives.

“It took close to 30 minutes for the fire service to arrive by which time the van had burnt beyond recognition,” the eyewitness narrated.

Watch video of the burning vehicle below.

Credit: Myjoyonline

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