13 October 2016

WATCH: Company ‘makes female workers kiss their boss every day’

chinese-kissThe Beijing-based company, from the Tongzhou district if you know the city well, apparently make the female workers line up between 9 and 9.30am to share a kiss with their boss – in an apparent attempt to strengthen the bond between employee and manager.

According to a report from Chinese news company Sohu, many of the women at the business, which sells home-brewery equipment, were initially reluctant to conform with the idea. Almost all do now agree to the practice, but Shanghaiist reports two staff members refused and have since resigned.

More than half of the company’s staff are apparently female and the company’s boss claims the practice will improve the company’s work culture and bond them “like fish and water”.

Pictures and video of the apparent daily routine received a lot of attention on Chinese social media site Weibo, with many questioning how the women could accept the practice.

Watch video below.

Source: Yahoo
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