02 October 2016

I watch Agya Koo for fun, Van Damme for self-defense – Movie enthusiast

shabanKwame Mensah Shaban, forty-two-year-old resident of Teteremu Kesimu in Elmina of the Central Region, has stated that he watches Agya Koo movies for the fun of it and veteran Hollywood actor Jean Claude Van-Damme’s movies to learn tactics which he intends to use for self-defense in case of any physical attack.

Shaban told Joy News reporter Felix Akoyam when he joined them to see one of these movies in their famous (video center) makeshift structure of wood and rags.

“I like American films a lot … especially Van-Damme’s movies. He has some tactics he uses to beat his opponents. I train with his tactics I learn from his movies to defend myself.”

But unlike the plush cinemas found in the cities, indigenes of this poor community have created their own cinema which draws many patrons.

Watch Shaban on defending himself with Van-Dammes fighting skills in video below

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