19 February 2017

I Want A Pen Designed Coffin When I Die – – Nana Aba Anamoah


Nana Aba Anamoah

When you die you feel no pain yet we get so scared to die or talk about our death but it is simply INEVITABLE unless you are a cat with nine lives living in any of the 9 regions in Ghana except 1 particular region because that place about 9 cats are killed or die in a minute (Sarcastically).

Nevertheless,  it is understanding how sad people feel when a loved one kicks the bucket but fulfilling their desires like their preferable way of burial brings some sort of relief.

In this regard, Nana Aba Anamoah will happily be in a comfortable lead to her second home when she’s put to rest in a pen designed coffin on that fateful day we strongly don’t wish to come soon.

She expressed her like for this kind of coffin during the GhOne News bulletin when a story was covered on the various styles of coffins designed by Ghanaian carpenters.

Nana Aba has been fearless and often factual as much as she could be, so we are not surprised at her expression. After all YOLO

As you flip through it’s your choice to make a pick or not as you smile, laugh or sigh at some of these unbelievable coffins.


BIC Pen Coffin

This mostly goes for the teachers and pen holders. It’s quite clear why Nana Aba wants this as apart from Journalism, she has of late become a linguistic teacher. Check her Instagram page for some English lessons.


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