26 July 2017

Volta Region: Bomigo Basic School cry for help

The deplorable state of infrastructure at the Bomigo Basic School in the Keta Municipality of the Volta Region is affecting effective teaching and learning.

The school which was built in January 1951 has not seen any major renovation a situation which is worrying to both teachers and the residents.

A teacher in the school, Daystar Hozi tells Joy news that the structure is a death trap and has appealed to government to come to the aid of the school.

According to him, calamity can befall the school if nothing is done about the situation as early as possible.

“We don’t want any calamity to befall the school and we are pleading with government to come the aid of the school” he said.

Bomigo is an Anlo fishing settlement on an island and lies north of Anyanui and teachers and pupils risk crossing the river with canoe on daily basis to attend JHS at Anyanui.

Several accidents have happened on the river with pupils and teachers risking their lives crossing the river.

“Our lives are at risk always crossing the river on daily basis as we don’t even have life jackets and to use” MrHozi lamented.

He said lack of feeding program in the school is also having negative impact on teaching and learning as students normally leave for the house during break hour and never return until the following day.

“We need the school feeding program in the school to enable the pupils stay in school”he pleaded.

According to history, in January 1951, a primary school was opened on the island by the EP Church and since then the pupils, after completing primary 6 have to commute daily to the middle school at either Galo-Sota or Anyanui which is about 6 kilometers away.

It was in the process of crossing the river across the Angaw Lagoon between Tunu and the island on 17th November 1997 that the canoe conveying the pupils capsized which resulted in the loss of innocent lives.

The situation gets worse during the raining season and the crossing of the lagoon in stormy weather becomes very risky.

A female teacher of the school also complained bitterly about lack of toilet facilities in the school making it difficult for both teachers and pupils to attend natures call especially during the raining season.
“We don’t have toilet facilities in the school and we plead with the authorities to do something about the situation for us” she pleaded.

Meanwhile, MP for Anlo, Clement Kofi Humado says he has for several times fought for the construction of Bailey bridge through Galosota to the island to make crossing easier for the people.

Tenders were done and evaluated in November last year but change of Government has stalled the award of the contract.

The MP also undertook a massive drinking water supply project for the Bomigo community with assistance from the Australian Embassy in Ghana.

Funds are earmarked this year for rehabilitation of the school structures.



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