28 July 2017

VIDEO: Wearable stickers protect women by raising alarm on sensing sexual assault

Women are regularly facing sexual harassment like teasing, groping on public transport and other type of harassment in every step of life and it remains a major problem for society. While sexual crimes often follow victim shaming by people pointing at a girl’s attire, it seems an accessory for clothes can help contain the nuisance.

To give some relief to the women, MIT engineers have developed a wearable ‘sticker’ that can detect sexual assault in real-time, and issue an alert to the victim’s ‘safety circle’ to get them help as quickly as possible.

The wearable sticker can send an alert to the victim’s safety circle and help avert crimes against women.

The device sends a message to the one wearing it asking if they consent, and in the absence of a reply it raises an alarm along with sending out their geolocation.

It also functions in both active and passive mode to protect victims who are in an inebriated state.

The device is a sticker paired with a smartphone and along with sending a message to the safety circle, it sends out a call from the smartphone to one member as it records all noises around the victim.

The sounds recorded can also be used for legal proceedings later on.

According to the researcher, it can clip onto any article of clothing, be it a bra, underwear, pants, or a shirt.

It uses hydrogel to maintain its stickiness without leaving residue, and can be washed – all you have to do is remove the electronic component.




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