09 July 2017

VIDEO: Shatta Wale Aka Gbee Naabu Buys 60 Thousand Dollars Watch-So He Claims


Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale aka Gbee Naabu is currently in the United States, where he has had his first private jet experience during about a 30 minutes flight–which he recorded to show his fans.

According to Gbee Naabu, he has just bought a 60,000 dollars watch.

In a new video (below), Gbee Naabu shows a watch on his wrist, claiming it’s an expensive Rolex which he has just bought and even without showing a receipt or evidence of purchasing that watch for 60,000 dollars, his credulous fans will believe. 

All over the United States, you can find those Chinese selling fake rolex watch for about 5 dollars. So without any evidence that Wale spent $60,000 on his watch, it’s up to you to believe if it’s indeed that much or one of the fakies.

Even if it’s a real rolex, some are really cheap.

Check out the video below…

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