07 August 2017

Video: Pre-Marital S*x Is Wrong, It Has Spiritual Consequences – ‘Pastor’ Majid Michel


‘Pastor’ Majid Michel has called from the youth to desist from having s*x before marriage as it has spiritual consequences on their life.

The now very outspoken ‘man of God’ says fornication is against ‘the constitution of the Kingdom of God’ and must be shunned.

Speaking to GhanaWeb in an interview, Majid said engaging in pre marital s*x leads to formation of a spiritual covenant which later physically affects those who indulge.

He therefore warned the youth to stay away from it.

Speaking further, Majid also had some words of wisdom for married women, advising them to not deny their husband’s s*x as that could lead them to cheat.

Listen to Majid in the interview below…

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