07 August 2017

VIDEO: Popular Hiplife Artist Goes MAD


Blaq Sam

Ghanaian musician-Blaq Sam popularly known for the hit song “Esi ne Vera”  has gone MAD.

According to Criss Waddle who has said he will take Sam to the Psychiatric hospital, Blaq Sam’s madness is not “drug related”.

Apart from “Esi ne Vera,” Blaq Sam also featured on the remix of Praye’s popular song “JACKET ” and recorded ‘Magye Aboso’ with Castro.

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Criss Waddle had this to say;

“That’s Fish Scale on Praye’s Jacket remix. He was poised to be successful but currently mentally challenged. He’s my new responsibility. Can’t watch him go completely mad when foolish people get money from me and don’t even appreciate.”

Check out the video below…

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