27 August 2017

VIDEO + PHOTOS From Shatta Wale’s Electrifying Performance At UK’s Edition of Ghana Meets Naija 2017


Shatta Wale-UK’s edition of Ghana Meets Naija 2017

The Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri who attended the UK’s edition of Ghana Meets Naija 2017 described the concert as “exceptionally exhilarating
–nothing like I have ever seen in London as far as African concerts are concerned.”

In his review, he also had this to say about Shatta Wale, “I am not a fan of Shatta Wale—actually, I think he’s a wazzock but he remains a musical enigma, capable of getting a two-generational crowd of Africans and Caribbeans with a spotting of white folks excitedly shout out “Onya e Soormi’”

He added: “Stonebwoy was the true ignition of the night. He managed to drive the crowd on with several of his songs, albeit some remained unpopular among the adrenaline-charged Londoners.

But it was Shatta Wale who stole the night—with his back to back hit song performances and unprovoked attacks on Stonebwoy, who performed just before him. Shatta Wale sits up there as a paradox; massively loved even though he’s a complete halfwit when it comes to his antics.

Everyone out there sang to Wale’s songs—and at a point, my wife pointed out to me a white woman, possibly in her 40s, who was loudly shouting, “Onya e Soormi” as Shatta Wale led the crowd on during the performance of his hit song, Talk Talk.”

Now for those of you who missed the event, below are photos and video footage of Shatta Wale’s performance…




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