07 August 2017

Video: “It’s Small Pikin That Was Doing Me’ – Desperate Boss Chick Begs Phyno To Take Her Back Now That He’s Famous – Even Though She Used To Make Fun Of Him


This girl is so shameless and transparent it’s hard to imagine she’s a normal human being like the rest of us!

A Nigerian boss chick is desperately begging for artist Phyno to take her back as his boo – even though she treated him like trash when he was a struggling artist looking to breakout.

In a video posted online, the lady admits that Phyno used to chase her and even send her some of his songs, but she never took him seriously because he was no one at the time.

She even revealed she would send the songs to her friends and they would laugh at the artist together.



However, now that Phyno has blown up beyond imagination, this girl is now begging for mercy and for him to take her back.

According to her, it was a ‘small pikin mentality’ that was worrying her at the time.


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