05 August 2017

Video: DKB Tears Into Ghanaians For Not Standing Up For A.I After His Song Was ‘Stolen’ By Burna Boy


Comedian DKB has hit out at Ghanaians for not fighting for our fellow citizens even when they are being cheated by foreigners.

Speaking animatedly in a video uploaded to Facebook, DKB contrasted our weakness with the strength of Nigerians, who he said defend each other when attacked by foreigners.

DKB’s rant is fuelled by the predicament of Ghanaian rapper A.I, whose song with Vision DJ, ‘Grind,’ was ‘stolen’ by Nigerian act Burna Boy, who released a ‘re-up’ of the single titled ‘Chilling Chilling’.

Burna Boy credited A.I with a feature on his song and readily admitted it was a re-up of it, but A.I was not happy when he heard of it since he had not been contacted by Burna Boy for permission to reconfigure the song.

This made him go on a rant on twitter, which later lead to Burna Boy blocking him.

DKB was unhappy that Ghanains have not come to the defence of A.I, who not only had his song stolen but has also been blocked on twitter by the one doing the stealing.

DKB argued that if the situtations were reversed Nigerians would jump to defend their fellow citizen. He ended by calling for the #BurnaBoyIsAThief to trend.

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