13 July 2017

VIDEO: David Oscar Shares Throwback To The Time He Kissed Christabel Ekeh


Christabel Ekeh is making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days but one person remembering her in a totally different light is David Oscar.

Oscar remembers Ekeh as a fun loving girl who once kissed the hell out of him on set and was the stuff of his dreams, not the troubled character attracting so much criticism now.

Ekeh recently shared n*de photos of herself on social media, which she revealed she posted of her own volition. She said that was the new her, and vehemently denies any suggestion that she’s mentally unsound.

Oscar, in response to the critics, took to Facebook, shared a video of him and Ekeh kissing on the set of ‘PEEP’, and wrote:

“Besides everything else, #ChristabelEkeh knows how to get down … and to those of you who haven’t joined in on the #BandWagon of insults but have been secretly fantasizing about her pictures…. I see you…. And trust … I lived your dreams a long time ago … lol #ThrowbackThursday “

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