09 February 2017

VIDEO: “You Can Never Get Married To Adjorlolo”- Counselor Lutterodt Clashes With Victoria


Controversial marriage counselor, Rev. George Lutterodt, has stated emphatically that veteran Actor Kofi Adjorlolo and his youthful female aquaintance, Victoria Lebene, who he is preparing to walk down the aisle will never materialized.

The two, who met inside Okay FM studio on Tuesday evening February 7, had a heated confrontation which led to actress breaking down in tears due to Counselor Lutterodt’s comments regarding their upcoming marriage.

According to him, Victoria is too young to marry Kofi Adjorlolo, adding that she is only trying to kill the veteran actor faster than his time. He warn Victoria to have a change of mind and held that, should she disregard his concerns and be joined in holy matrimony with the renowned actor, and in the unlikely event of the husband’s demise, he would never forgive her “for killing our movie star.”

“If she marries Kofi Adjorlolo she would see what will happen to her,..because she is a small girl. She is just about 27 years old so she should take her time”, Rev. George Lutterodt stated.

Victoria insisted that she is in love with Kofi, and when it comes to love, age doesn’t matter.

But Rev. George Lutterodt responded saying “You are in love with your father. Small girl like you, you want to kill Kofi Adjorlolo. You want to kill the man for us. The only actor we have?

Watch full video of what really happened:


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