19 June 2017

VIDEO: Asamoah Gyan Says He Consults Mallams for Spiritual Assistance-And Ghanaians Are Thinking Castro


Asamoah Gyan

Captain of the Black Stars-Asamoah Gyan has stated in a recent interview that he consults Mallams and Pastors and the alike for spiritual assistance as a footballer and Ghanaians on social media are thinking CASTRO.

During an interview with Delay, Gyan said consulting Mallams is not bad–because Mallams are those who lead Muslims in prayers just as Pastors lead Christians.

Even if we are to accept his ordinary use of the word “Mallams” as stated, is he a Muslim to be in touch with Mallams?

He also said football demands a  lot of spiritual assistance since it’s a spiritual work–and that’s why he falls on Mallams and the others to do this for him.

Way before this interview, some Ghanaians had accused Gyan of being into juju, with others claiming he even used his friend, Castro who disappeared mysteriously for a spiritual ritual.

Check out the interview below…

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