27 July 2017

Victoria Lebene Says She Has A ‘Thing’ For Older People – ‘They Understand Women And Don’t Give Pressure’


Months after breaking off her engagement to veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo, Victoria Lebene Mekpah has given a hint that her next love interest just might be another old guy.

According to her, she has a ‘thing’ for older men, because she believes they take care of their women much better than younger guys do.

“I have a thing for quite older people.” Lebene Mekpah said in a recent interview.

“I think older people can really take care of women than the younger ones. I think they respect women, they understand them, they don’t give them pressure, they would not argue with you, they would understand you in every aspect”. she added.

Mekpah, an up and coming actress, became a household name overnight when it was announced she had gotten engaged to the veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo. Despite the engagement, the marriage failed to come on as the months went by, until it was announced they had called off the engagement earlier this year.

Mekpah claimed the break-up was because her father was not enthused with the age disparity between herself and Adjorlolo.

Her next ‘older’ might have to be quite young though, relatively speaking – given the reason she gave for her last break-up.


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