08 February 2017

Vetting Live: Ghana must have its own carrier – Dapaah


Aviation minister-designate Cecelia Dapaah has taken her turn at the Parliament’s Appointment Committee to be vetted.

The nominee is currently being taken through her CV, where correction will be made where necessary.


In a repsonse to what she will do to ensure Ghana gets its own airline, the nominee said it has been her dream to achieve this feat and “I believe in my heart that Ghana can have its own aircraft.”

That will be the baby I’ll give birth to. “People are eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Some 60 percent of all travels are done by air so the country should be able to cash in and make gains

She said this can be realised between one and two years once all plans fall in place

She asked Ghanaians to back her dream with prayers.


Domestic travel

Domestic airlines are going through a lot of stress so if they come to power they will abolish the 17.5 percent VAT put on aviation travel

On aviation fuel, the nominee said she will meet with all the domestic airline operators to get first hand information on how to move forward together.


Ghana Airport company’s issue with the Meteorological Department

In a response to the ongoing issues between the Ghana Meteorological Department, Cecelia said she would ensure that fees the airport company needs to pay to the Department are settled in the shortest possible time.

The nominee said the ministry has met with the stakeholders and all will be done to ensure that the Meteorological department is settled.


What will you do to ensure that the Ho airstrip is completed?

Second phase of the Ho tamale and terminal three will not be abandoned but executed

The Wa airport is functional, what is left is the terminal that is being rehabilitated but a building has been acquired for this purpose

It an take light aircrafts and chartered crafts

“It is a top priority”, she said, adding that works should be done by the first quarter

In Ho, the nominee said the runway has been done and other related projects will be addressed

In Tamale, the first phase is done and the second is ongoing

She said Tamale is in a special class and very soon Tamale will have a very good airport to be proud of

At the Kotoka International Airport all first two phases have been completed, the third is ongoing and should be completed soon to cater for the 150,000 passengers expected.


How much has been spent on the construction and rehabilitation of airports across the country?

How much has been spent on the rehabilitation of airports and how much more is needed

Some 170 million dollars has been spent on the Tamale airport

28.3 million dollars for the first phase of the Kumasi airport and another 80 million dollars for the second

At Ho, 25 million dollars for the first phase and the second phase will take another 70 million dollars

The new terminal being built at KIA will also cost some 70 million dollars.


Comfort for physically challenged and other vulnerable groups

The nominee said she has taken notice of the difficulty physically challenge people go through and she will definitely look at it

She will ensure that operators of the building put in these measures

“We will take that up”, she said.


Reduction of aviation fares

“In 2015 aviation fuel was reduced but it made no impact and the airline operators must be held responsible, she indicated addign that the 17.5 VAT is also an albatross around their necks, but the issues will be looked at

The situation as it is now is a bit discriminatory

The foreign carriers have taxes on their aircrafts reduced, but this is not same for the local ones

We will look at the gamut of problems that they have and try to look at them”



Fuel tax: Does the Akufo-Addo government have the intention to reduce it?

“We have undertaken to abolish it all together so I will pursue it

Aviation fuel should we expect a reduction

We will liaise with the energy ministry to take a look at the figures we have

We will monitor and see what can be done about it

Lost category 1 status in US what steps will she take to restore our standing

We have already discussed that and plans are underway for us to get back our category 1 ranking

The national carrier will help


Employment of the youth in the sector

Will the youth be guaranteed employment with the national carrier

She said they are the reason she is fighting for this to be done

I can’t wait for the day to see our young ladies and gentlemen playing a part


Koforidua and Cape Coast for airstrips?

I know that there is 3,000 acres of land being protected and soon something will come out of it

In Koforidua, it will be considered


Treatment of Ghanaian passengers by British airways and at Heathrow

Break the monopoly of the British Airways flight some airfares are outrageously high and competition can cater for the lowering of fares

What happens at Heathrow is a bit beyond me

Once you are out of our flight information region and outside Africa she has no control, but she will make more enquiries and see what can be done

If they had the problems here I can assure you that I will deal with it, but at Heathrow it cannot be done

It will however be looked at


Are there plans for a new airport in Accra?

Yes, there are and a 61,000 acre land has been allocated at Prampram  for the project


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