14 July 2016

Veteran Ghanaian Actor Jagga Pee Appeals To President Mahama to Help Pay His Medical Bills

Jagga-PeeI am going to look at the increasing problem of veteran Ghanaian entertainers falling on media appeals and sometimes individual interventions from kind hearted Ghanaians such as President Mahama for medical support and old age upkeep—as if they’ve been cripples all their lives.

Life will never turn out to be what we plan it to be and a person cannot be carefully enough. However, there seems to be a hovering sense of irresponsibility if each day we are told of a veteran Ghanaian entertainer in dire need of help—literally begging to eat or pay for his medical bills.

These people were celebrated when they were in their prime and reasonably made some good money, compared to the village pupil teacher and yet we seem to be constantly bombarded with disheartening appeals to help veteran Ghanaian entertainers with money or else they would literally die.

Not long ago, the late Nii Odoi Mensah was in the media begging for money to take care of his much needed kidney surgery. This can be elevated beyond this particular indictment since the cost of the surgery was huge enough to swallow whatever personal savings the actor had. He needed about 15,000 dollars for a kidney transplant in China.

Just last week, William Addo, veteran of both theatre and cinema extended his profound gratitude to President John Dramani Mahama for paying 2500 GHS for a desperate eye surgery he needed after the President heard of his media appeal.

William Addo needed just 2500 GHS and the President of Ghana had to pay that for him—this is a man who has worked all his life and has a family.

Today, another veteran Ghanaian actor-Abeiku Nyame (Jagga Pee) is begging for help—this time, he is appealing directly to President Mahama to help clear off his 2500 GHS pending medical bills at the 37 Military Hospital and Holy Trinity Hospital.

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