16 January 2017

Vet Security Ministers InCamera; Parliamentary Appointment Committee

H. E. Nana Akuffo Addo upon the assumption of office as President has nominated for consideration by Parliament Ministers designates. It is expected of parliament to start vetting these nominees of the president by next week.

Eagle Eye International has reservations with the open vetting of the Defense, Interior and National Security Ministers

We have watched carefully the vetting of Ministers and their Deputies in the past and know how information is divulged during the process, in the quest of parliament to know the qualification, experience and strategies the nominees intend to adopt to make their ministries stronger and more effective.

The vetting of these Ministers is required by law but opening it to the public is what Eagle Eye International has a challenge with.

If National Security Ministers are responsible for protecting the countries borders from both external and internal attacks, why vet them in public and make their security and intelligence strategies known when details may be made public as the minister designate being vetted, answers questions to prove his/her competence and capacity on the field.

He/she may unconsciously let out some vital information to the public which may be injurious to our security as a country.

This is akin to giving ammunition to your opponents to launch an attack on you because you don’t know who may be taking notes of the information been shared.

It is a major security threat, in our view to lay bare for instance, plans to make the strategy(s) of our nation better. We may compromise the security of our country if we deliberately or in deliberately divulge some sort of information to those we are protecting the country from.

We have instances in our country where unprofessionalism is demonstrated at vetting process. Some Minister designates callously put out information and it may be a breach of the security of our country if it happens with any of our security related ministries.

Now a little throwback the 37year-old nominee, the deputy minister designate for Defence, Kenneth Gilbert Adjei could not give any single rank in the army when he was asked by a member of the Committee to name all the ranks in the Ghana Army.

This was his response; Mr Chairman, as you know I am a civilian and now being appointed as Deputy Minister of defence, when I get there I will learn the tanks he said.

The Defence, Interior and National Security Ministries is a prestigious one and for that matter, vetting personnel’s to such departments to take up positions needs to be given a different dimension rather than making it a public show which exposes its security machinery.

Matters of National Security and Intelligence should be restricted from the public unless otherwise very necessary.

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