11 February 2017

Underprivileged school children in Central Tongu get free shoes


Over 1000 underprivileged school children in the Central Tongu have received free shoes from the Bright Generation Community Foundation.

The donation is aimed at making pupils a lot more comfortable as they turn up for class and to improve upon academic performance.

Founder of Bright Generation Community Foundation, Madam Bernice Dapaah, donated the shoes from TOMS, a US-based organisation working to improve upon academic standards across the world.

The beneficiary schools are: Mafi Seva R/C School, Mafi Zongo E. P. Primary, Mafi Adiekpe Primary and Mafi Wudzrolo Primary and JHS Schools.

The Foundation is a community-level organization working to promote human dignity, social development and creating a thriving environment for nurturing human potential through education.


The donation aims to increase school enrollment and encourage children who are out of school to be in school.

Assembly member Mafi Zongo electoral area, Julius Karl Fieve, who negotiated for the shoes from the foundation expressed confidence the donation, will enhance academic standards.

“These shoes will go long way to providing the students a measure of self-esteem and confidence that may have been previously lacking,” Mr. Fieve said at a ceremony to distribute the shoes to pupils.

Mr. Fieve encouraged parents to do more to ensure their children show up in school a good physical state as they remain the key to helping build a better future for their communities.

“These students hold the key to our future. They are my hope, they are your hope and they are our hope for the future.

“Without them, we do not have a future as individuals, or communities or as a country. They are because we are and we are because they are,” he said.

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