24 July 2017

‘Uncultured Zoo Child’ Rashida Black Beauty Is A Sign Of Ghana’s Moral Decay – Says Counsellor George Lutterodt



No trending issue in Ghana is complete until the Rev Lutterodt has added his two cents to it and screamed his head off.

Lutterodt has given his thoughts on the issue of Rashida the Black Beauty’s n*de tape and according to him, the actions of the ‘uncultured, zoo child’ as he called her, is a sign of tremendous moral decay in the country.

Lutterodt tore into Rashida during an appearance on Adom Fm, saying she lacked discipline from home which is why she is able to put up such behaviours. Lutterodt even took the time to complain about the insistence of saying children have ‘rights’ these days, which makes it more difficult for adults to discipline them.

“It used to take a village to raise a child, but now because of child right everybody is on their own. No child has a right, children have privileges and responsibilities not right” he lamented.

Listen to him below…

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