12 August 2017

Twitter storm over Jeremy Vine’s ‘holiday beard’ that makes him a dead ringer for Jeremy Corbyn

JEREMY Vine has sparked a storm of tweets claiming he looks identical to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The BBC radio host tweeted a picture of himself sporting a ‘holiday beard’ and asked followers to help him decide whether to shave it.


Jeremy Vine has been labelled Labour leader Corbyn’s doppelganger[/caption]

Getty Images – Getty

Vine’s scruffy grey ‘holiday beard’ looks identical to Corbyn’s facial hair[/caption]

Vine asked twitter: “Advice please. Should the beard stay for first day back at work on Monday?”

He then posted a follow up tweet with a poll attached, allowing users to vote on what he should do.

But social media users ignored his plea for assistance and instead dubbed him ‘Jeremy Corvine’.

One wrote: “No offence, but it makes you look like Jeremy Corbyn…”

Another quipped: “If you fancy making a bit of extra dosh as a Corbyn look alike, keep it.”

“A job awaits in a Jeremy Corbyn tribute band….” tweeted another user.

Photoshopper Mark Heardman replied to the tweet with an edited picture pasting Corbyn’s face over Vine’s.

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