27 January 2017

Twellium Foundation launched to help needy


Twellium Foundation – an informal Non-Governmental Organisation aimed at helping and empowering disadvantaged groups has been launched in Accra.

The foundation, which was founded by renowned businessmen, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, will focus on offering corporate social responsibility and corporate social impact investments in the areas of education through scholarships to needy students, equip people with anger management skills in order to curb violence; provide branded teaching and learning materials to schools, and provide skills training to the youth, as well as micro capital to rural women in Ghana.

The vision of the foundation is to be the leader in social impact projects that directly touches the lives of the disadvantaged, while its mission will focus on mobilizing the necessary human and financial resources to inspire, empower and support disadvantaged communities.

The slogan of the Twellium Foundation is “Impacting Lives”.

This slogan reflects empathy, compassion, humanity and the need for supporting people to realize their God-given potential. The Founder of the foundation, a philanthropist, has engaged in several initiatives to support the less privileged in society.

“One of the important areas for establishing of the Twellium Foundation is the operational focus of the organization. One very specific and easy way to identify the operational focus of this organization is to go back into the life of the Founder and understand the things about which he is passionate. This will be a clear indicator of how things should be done in the organization and which project interventions should have priority over the others. Following this therefore, the operational focus of the Foundation should be the empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

“The following are specific thematic areas for Twellium Foundation: a. Livelihood support: this is geared towards reducing poverty by helping the poor in their economic activities. Money-making, trade and livelihood are some of the issues they are concern with. We will empower them through start-up capitals, business growth and financial literacy training, soft loans/grants, formation of cooperative groups etc to enable them attain a livelihood for themselves and their families.

“Women and Children Empowerment: Women and Children generally do not have the same advantages as men in most societies. Indeed, they are most often disadvantaged in many ways including being denied education. But in addition to these, they are handicapped physically whilst others’ social circumstances make them vulnerable in society; these may include but not limited to women in unfavorable labour, prostitutes, head potters (Kayayie) etc. Programs can be designed to help such people catch up with life’s opportunities.

“Education and Skills Training Support: one of the surest ways to level the playfield for males and females is to get both groups educated formally or informal. In one vein, this could focus on supporting them to enroll into and finish school. In another vein, this could be a functional literacy approach where out-of-school illiterate women will be trained in every-day literacy usage. They may also be taught vocational skills which they can use to earn income for themselves and their families,” a statement from the Foundation said.



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